David Posso
Broker Associate (Florida)
C: 407-901-7941


“David has been licensed in central Florida since 2017 and is focused on serving the greater Orlando Area. He personally manages his family-operated real estate investment company, along with his mother and his sister. David is truly passionate about connecting with people from all walks of life, and enjoys learning their story, where they came from, and where they would like to go. He consciously & respectfully employs this knowledge & special connection to offer sound advice and selfless service. He highly values integrity, honesty, transparency and professionalism, intentionally employing those qualities in all aspects of his personal and professional life.

With almost a decade of experience performing as a professional singer, David has lead hundreds of events, connecting with tens of thousands of people, all around the world. He continuously strives to expand his education & personal development, attending a variety of conferences, courses and educational events throughout the year. When not at work, you may find David in a forest, on a mountaintop, or in some far off land, creating new friendships, singing some songs & making the best of every opportunity this life brings.”

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